Welcome to the American Italian Cultural Center in New Orleans! One of the city’s secret multicultural gems. Explore our museum, rent our beautiful venue ideally located in the Warehouse District, take an Italian language class, have fun in our many events or travel with us to our lovely Italia!


Learn Italian!

Want to learn a new language? Join our live and virtual Italian classes. Beginner, intermediate and advance levels. Become an AICC member and receive a discount!

Host an event

Rent our beautiful renewed second floor with a terrace view to the Piazza D’Italia, gather in the lecture room and take a break in the Garibaldi courtyard, or rent the complete venue, including our 3rd floor museum.

Visit our museum

Experience the story of the Italian Immigrant and how their family values, traditions and professions enriched the New Orleans cultural community.

Utilize our services

From dual citizenship assistance to geneology research our American Italian Cultural Center team is ready to assist you. Stay up to date with events and more.

Enjoy your mementos

At our curated gift shop you can purchase unique items from Italy, interesting reading materical and creative artwork.