St. Joseph’s Altars

Each year around March 19, Italians in New Orleans celebrate St. Joseph’s Feast Day by decorating church and residential altars with a bounty of food. This custom was brought to the city by Sicilian immigrants and dates back to the Middle Ages, when Sicilian Catholics decorated altars in thanks to St. Joseph, the patron saint […]

American Italians In Jazz

Louisianans have played the leading role in the formation of jazz. The diverse urban landscape of New Orleans encouraged musical traditions from around the world to intermingle, ultimately creating a new form of musical expression. Along with prominent African American artists, Italian American musicians contributed to the jazz genre that we know today.

The Italian Immigrant

Italians have had a presence in the area since the explorations of the Europeans. Many Sicilians immigrated to New Orleans in the 19th century, traveling on the Palermo-New Orleans route by ship. Almost all of the 19th-century immigrants to the city originated from Sicily. Overall, most Italian immigration occurred during the late 19th century, with […]