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“The Beginning Italian Course was a great introduction to Italy, its culture, and the language. A Great Start to wonderful adventure.” (Novice class student)

“Alessandro is exuberant and his excitement for teaching the class is infectious. I have loved learning from him and have definitely learned a lot!” (Intermediate class student)

“Italian classes through the AICC are informal and are not at all intimidating. Participant range in age and are diverse in background. Alessandro does a very proficient job in assisting students and building their confidence. I highly recommend taking the course; learning a new language is a wonderful thing to do to improve brain activity!”

“I really enjoyed the novice class! Alessandro’s teaching style was fun and helped me learn very quickly! This class will really help me when I go to Italy next month!” (Novice class student)

“You will have a great time and learn about Italian culture and food as well as language. Very enjoyable classes in a relaxed atmosphere. Bravo!” (Intermediate class student)

“The Italian Language Classes are wonderful and so much fun! the atmosphere is relaxed, but also very informative and captures interest so well. I have enjoyed the time in class so much. The classes are a great challenge!” (Advanced class student)

“I would recommend the American Italian language class because the group was very small and the atmosphere was friendly. In our beginning class we learned the basics of the language. We didn’t just learn a few phrases. I look forward to taking the intermediate class and learning more!” (Novice class student)

“I really enjoyed learning the basics of Italian in an encouraging environment with such an enthusiastic teacher!” (Intermediate class student)