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The American Italian Cultural Center promotes the culture and heritage of the American Italian community by offering Italian language and culture classes, seminars, concerts, and events. This center will be the leading institution preserving and celebrating the American Italian history of Louisiana. The impact will be felt through increased awareness of how the American Italian community has shaped local, regional, and national history and culture. Our values include education, inspiration, high quality, collaboration, and financial integrity. We provide programming opportunities that allow the community to come together to learn about the people, places, and events of our rich history and continuing significance.

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Support the Saint Pope John Paul II Fund

Archbishop Gregory Aymond authorized the construction of a marble statue of Saint Pope John Paul II, to be placed directly in front of St. Louis Cathedral. The American Italian Cultural Center along with Franco Alessandrini coordinated the development of this project. The statue commemorates Saint Pope John Paul II’s visit to New Orleans in 1987 and is a gift from the Archdiocese to the citizens of New Orleans for the tricentennial in 2018.

The Carrara marble sculpture was created by Franco Alessandrini in Italy. Alessandrini was born in Sansepolcro and splits his time between New Olreans and Italy.

Pope Francis blessed the statue at the Vatican on November 15, 2017 during a general audience.

On January 7, Archbishop Gregory Aymond blessed the statue after the Tricentennial Mass. The statue is located directly in front of St. Louis Cathedral. Learn more about the project here.

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All donations are appreciated. The American Italian Renaissance Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, legally incorporated in the State of Louisiana.  Contributions and event tickets are tax deductible.